"During the eighteen months between when my husband was diagnosed with terminal pulmonary fibrosis and when he died, Claire Morley was indispensable. I was overwhelmed by the unfamiliar medical terms, procedures and personnel especially when confronted with making literally life and death decisions. She was calm, reassuring and extremely knowledgeable when I was panicked, frightened and confused. Being able to consult with Claire as needed helped me navigate my way through a medical nightmare and emerge assured that we had made the right choices for our family."
                                                            MB - Massachusetts

I recently had surgery, and was glad to have Claire at my side. She was a resource when she was with me, and when she wasn’t, as she was never more than a call, text, or email away. My doctor is fabulous, but I don’t always feel comfortable asking questions, or expressing concerns. Initially, I discussed them with Claire. She answered most questions and lessened most concerns. With her guidance, what was left was easily resolved with my doctor.

Before surgery, Claire assisted with scheduling issues. On the day of surgery, she was available as a point person for the people who dropped me off and picked me up, as well as those following my progress. She helped with communications among the many family members and friends who were concerned.  On the days following she guided me through medication questions, supply purchases, and helped lower my overall anxiety. Her involvement also helped provide my husband and teenage son with some peace of mind.

Claire’s assistance was crucial to my successful recuperation and positive surgical outcome. 

                                                             HW - Rhode Island

Thank you for all that you have done this past year to help us with our mother's care. It was a great help to have you assist in navigating this journey. Words cannot express how grateful we are for all your support. 

                                                             J, B, & C - Massachusetts