Does Labyrinth have permission to work in any hospital with their clients?
We do not practice nursing care within the hospital.
A privacy release form (HIPAA) is presented to the hospital, which gives permission to discuss the patient’s care and treatment with our staff.
Most hospitals and physicians like working with advocates because we save them time, help reduce medical error through improved communication and spend time with the patient and family explaining the plan more thoroughly than they have time to.
Since this is a new field, we generally make introductions and explain our role the first time we meet with caregivers to confirm a mutually beneficial relationship.

Is Labyrinth accepted as a healthcare provider?
We are a Patient Advocacy consulting firm and are not a healthcare provider.
Experience, education, specific skills and temperament are all important in choosing which advocate is right for you.

How available is my nurse advocate if I have to be hospitalized?
We are available for emergencies 24 hours per day.
If your advocate is not available for a specific reason (illness, vacation, being engaged with another client issue), she will provide a replacement in her absence who can address immediate needs.

Are there certain things Labyrinth is unable to do?
We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe in any manner.
We do not perform personal care or treatments prescribed by your physician.
We do not provide legal advice.

How many clients does an advocate take care of at one time?
It varies according to services being provided. Each client is valued and unique.

How do I know if I need a Labyrinth advocate?
If your health care situation is complex, confusing, overwhelming, but are unsure of what kind of help you need, we will be glad to arrange an initial phone consultation, free of charge.

We believe strongly that our clients are at the center of the health care team and will help you find alternatives if you are not satisfied with your current plan of care.

Are your Labyrinth services covered by insurance?
Very infrequently.  We don’t practice hands-on care.

Will my doctor or hospital be offended if I bring an advocate with me?
It is unlikely. Practitioners today understand that the health care system in the US is complicated.
We have achieved outstanding results in the past.
There is a 20-30% chance of adverse medical events for every patient who enters a hospital today. Practitioners recognize the need.

What makes Labyrinth different from other advocates?

Hospital-employed advocates work for the hospital.
Insurance-employed advocates ultimate responsibility is to save their company money.
We work exclusively for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions