Claire Morley RN, MA   Executive Director 

Founder and Executive Director of Labyrinth Health Advocacy, LLC

Claire has been a nurse for many years. She originally graduated from Children’s Hospital School of Nursing in Boston, continued studies at Emmanuel College, and later received a Masters in Holistic Counseling from Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. Claire also holds a certificate of clinical training in Mind Body Medicine from Harvard Medical School.

Her nursing career spanned many areas of practice including inpatient, outpatient, and emergency department, school nursing, recruitment, and home care.  She has held several different administrative positions while gaining this extensive experience. Having worked as a Certified Care Manager and throughout each area, one common theme prevailed. Claire was always advocating for patients, families, students, fellow professionals or clients. It only stands to reason that she is passionate about the need for advocacy in this ever changing network of health care.

Claire most recently dealt with an aging mother who went from living alone in the family home, to elderly housing with personal care services, to the eventual need to be transferred to a skilled nursing facility. Across the continuum of care it was essential to work with the multiple people involved in each transition and to be sure the best appropriate care was received. Also important, was the need to address end of life choices, make decisions that were accepted by all and assuring her mother died in comfort and with dignity.

It is critical that we all have the right to question medical care, understand what is available, and get the best possible services and outcomes when it comes to our health care needs.

Claire founded Labyrinth Health Advocacy to help bring you PEACE OF MIND when navigating today’s health care network.